Information about cookies

General information

This website uses session cookies to improve the user experience. Third party cookies from Google can also be used for visiting statistics purposes in Google Analytics. This depends on the configuration of the website. Please contact us for further information.

A session cookie is created when a visitor is visiting one of our websites. It will then be saved temporarily to the visitor's computer. The session cookie will be removed once the visitor closes his/her web browser. No personal information such as e-mail address or name will be saved about the visitor.

Visitor responsibility

In your web browser you can configure different settings affecting how and if cookies will be saved on your computer. Please consult the web browser help on how to configure these settings. If you choose to not accept cookies at all, this might affect the performance of the website on your web browser.

Google has developed a plugin for the most commonly used web browsers, this plugin makes it possible to prevent Google Analytics from logging and saving visitor information on a website. If you want to prevent Google Analytics from gaining this kind of information from your visit at, you can download and install this plugin using this link