Operating instructions


Working temperature

Ideal and optimized working temperature is between 20 and 50C. Do not store hydrochucks where the temperature could exceed 50C.


It is very important that both the tool shaft and the inside of the hydrochuck are free from grease or other contaminations. Use an alcohol based degreaser when cleaning the chuck and tool.

Tightening the membrane

The screw must always be tightened to the fixed stop, no torque-key is needed. Never tighten the screw without a tool in the chuck, since there is a risk that the hydraulic chamber could be deformed.

Tool insertion length

The tool must be inserted to a fixed stop, to prevent the hydraulic chamber from being deformed by the pressure. When reduction sleeves are used, at least 60% of the tool shaft length must be inserted and clamped.

Service and repair

If you experience that your hydrochuck does not clamp properly, this can be due to several issues. A common explanation is that the hydraulic piston seal is worn out. We always recommend sending the chuck to us for service or repair. Contact us for more information.