SyncTapper with mini-floating for Rigid Tapping

Many modern machines have a function that enables Rigid Tapping. This means that the machine spindle is accurately synchronized with the feed of the axial movement. However, in many cases it’s not 100% accurate, which can impair on the thread quality and result in a bad surface finish.

To obtain full thread profile it’s important that the axial force is very low. If the force exceeds a certain value the profile will be incomplete.

SPV Spintecs SyncTapper has a build-in rigid mini-floating of only 0,5 mm to counteract on any negative forces, allowing the tap to cut the best way and extending the tool lifetime.

The tap is clamped by an ER-20 or ER-25 collet, making the setup much more stable than a conventional tap holder.

The SyncTapper comes complete with clamping-nut and wrench.