High speed spindles for many different applications

SPV Spintec’s spindles are designed for clients with high demands on accuracy and reliability of service. The spindles are manufactured with the highest accuracy. All rotating parts are dynamically balanced and exchangeable without imparing the tolerance of the spindle. We also carry out the service and repair of our spindles.

Our wide range of high frequency spindles helps you to renew and adapt your machinery to modern tools that require higher working speeds. The spindles can easily be clamped into existing machines. SPV Spintec has a range of compact electronic converters to power the spindles. These have adjustable controls which
enables the setting of optimum cutting speeds. Thermal and overload cut-outs are incorporated as well as RS-232 interface for connecting a computer.

Quick facts about our high speed spindles

  • High speed allows machining with small tools.
  • Runout accuracy better than 0,005 mm results in longer tool lifetime as well as improved surface finish.
  • RPM ratio between 5.000 and 90.000 RPM, effects from 100 W to 5 kW.
  • Short time of delivery and quick service.